Saving you time, mouse clicks, and your sanity...

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Zooom/2 is a Mac desktop utility that redefines how you can resize, move and align your application windows - making you faster and more productive.
Save time, do more
Move and resize your windows with a flick of the mouse.
Reduce Clutter
Use magnetics to align/snap windows to each other - its as easy as 1, 2... done!
Raise Windows
Bring windows to the front by moving the mouse over the window.
Easy to learn
The interactive demo shows you how to use Zooom/2 in less than 60 seconds.
Solid as a Rock
Zooom/2 doesn't make use of 'Haxies'.(*1)
3 for 1 License Deal
Buy a copy of Zooom/2, and use it on up to three machines. (*2)
Free Email Support
We're here to help - just email us a support request!
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