Zooom/2, v2.2.5 fixes the overlay grid

Version 2.2.5 fixes a redraw bug when the dock was positioned anywhere else apart from the bottom of the screen.

Zooom/2, v2.2.3 adds Microsoft 2008 Support

Version 2.2.3 is now compatible with Microsoft 2008 Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Entourage for Mac.

Zooom/2, v.2.2.2 minor patch to auto-raise

Version 2.2.2 of Zooom/2 is a small bugfix release.

The auto raise feature would sometimes stop working (randomly) if you had 'Require mouse click to activate' checked in the settings. This is now fixed and auto-raise is working again!

Happy Zooomin!
John Clayton

Zooom/2, v.2.2.1 Magnetics bugfix (minor)

Version 2.2.1 of Zooom/2 is a bugfix release - and is recommended for all users, the list of fixes is:
- a possible corruption of the preferences file
- the Magnetics overlay window shows the grid overlay lines properly the first time its used.
- the Magnetics grid sometimes didn't display itself

Zooom/2, v2.2.0 Magnetics, performance, fixes!

Version 2.2.0 of Zooom/2 introduces window edge snapping, enhanced control of its Magnetics feature, an improved information overlay window, a clearer UI, ignore list improvements and meaningful performance improvements - it is a free upgrade to all existing users of Zooom/2.

Bug Fixes
This version fixes a problem in v2.0.7 - v2.0.8 that might have cause parts of the desktop to appear as if they was flickering during resize / movement animations.

The biggest change is the 'snap to visible window edge', or 'window snapping' as its sometimes called. The feature, which is part of Zooom/2's Magnetics functionality allows you to align any window cleanly and quickly with any other visible window just by using the existing Move and/or Resize functionality.

With Magnetics its possible to set up the visible-edge snapping to kick in only during move or resize (the default is both modes) - and you can also adjust the 'strength' of the magnetics using a simple slider control.

Ignore List
The ignore list has been enhanced in relation to the window edge snapping of Magnetics. Its now possible to exclude particular programs from the window snapping functionality; just add them into the ignore list and re-enable everything except the 'Magnetics' feature.

Information Overlay
In 2.2.0 - the information shown during a move / resize operation has been enhanced. You now see the name of the application being moved, its total window size and the command currently in action.

User Interface
Slight changes to the wording in order to make the intent of certain functions clearer.

Crash Reporter
A crash-reporter project has been integrated in order that crash issues can be reported back to the support@coderage-software.com email address.

Zooom/2, v2.0.8 Released

The 2.0.8 release provides magnetics reliability improvements, and plugs a couple of memory leaks.

Magnetics will now highlight the snapped edge slightly, which gives you nice visual feedback to indicate why your window got snapped into position. The highlighting can be switched on/off independently from the grid overlay.

The magnetics function now snaps edges much more reliably. The 2.0.x series used to have issues snapping during resize if the top left corner of a window was already snapped to a grid line.

Magnetics never used to snap correctly when the beta 'four corner resize mode' was engaged. This release fixes that - now snapping works regardless of the mode.

A couple more memory fixes have been plugged as well, resulting in a much more stable memory footprint over time.

Happy Zooomin!

John Clayton

Zooom/2, v2.0.7 Released

FIxes up a bug in the zoom (double-click while resize or move is active) functionality that could cause an application to become unresponsive to further keyboard events. This bug only affected applications that we're sized using the zoom double-click functionality.

John Clayton

Zooom/2, v2.0.6 Released

Minor fixes in this release.

1. Based on user feedback, the settings window is now much more reliable in showing or not showing itself when the application starts up. Zooom/2 should return to its last known state on startup correctly now - whereas with versions < 2.0.5 Zooom/2 would sometimes always show itself on startup.

2. The background colouring of the info window has been modified to make the info text more readable and its also simpler as there are no mouse co-ordinates displayed anymore.

3. Zooom/2 will no longer stop during its exit/termination and ask if the user wishes to hide or quit, which blocked some users from experiencing a clean system shutdown in some cases. Zooom/2 will now simply quit at all times. The standard Apple-Q shortcut binding has been unconditionally re-routed to invoke the 'Hide' functionality.

4. Some polish and gloss: the main window now fades away when you hide it.

Thanks, and have fun with version 2.0.6!

John Clayton

Zooom/2 Released - 2.0.5 + minor fix for magnetics.

Hi again! The 2.0.5 release fixes a minor issue with magnetics and we've now reduced the price to 14.95 USD.

Happy Zooomin...

John Clayton