Version 1.4.4 - New features + Microsoft integration fixes

Version 1.4.4 introduces the following new functionality:
  • Auto updates - settings made from the registration panel
  • Move/resize windows without bringing them to the front!
This release also fixes a few problems:
  • Microsoft Word windows would 'jump' a certain number of pixels downward when clicked on while the Zooom modifiers were active
  • Path Finder now operates correctly with Zooom
  • Fixed a problem where Zooom integration with Microsoft applications would sometimes fail after Zooom was restarted by the installer

Version 1.4.3 - Auto-Raise bug squashed

Release 1.4.3 fixes:
  • Auto-zoom'ing (double clicking while modifier key held down) caused auto-raise to stop functioning
Thanks to Jim Craig for alerting me to this one., Bud Simrin

Thought I'd try it out but doubted that I'd buy. Well... on the first day the top of one of my Excel spreadsheets got "hidden" under the Excel tool bar. Normally when that happens (not often) I have a devil of a time moving the spreadsheet down so I can see it. Then I remember I had just installed Zooom, and sure enough cmd-shift allowed me to easily move it down. Resizing also worked with Excel. Ditto for MS Word.

I just paid my shareware fee.

Version 1.4.2 - (Another) Ignore-List bug fixed.

Release 1.4.2 fixes:
  • Another ignore-list bug, which again caused Zooom to appear as if it was switched off / non functional.
Thanks to Bill for helping locate this.

Version 1.4.1 - Usability improvements + logging

Release 1.4.1 brings the following improvements:
  • Slightly faster UI detection, which should make the entire tool more intuitive to use

  • Fixed a bug where Zooom may not have functioned properly if you moved the mouse over the top of another process, and only a few milli-seconds earlier had pressed the move or resize modifiers

  • Fixed a bug whereby auto-raising an application that was in the ignore list would cause Zooom to stop recognizing the current process under the mouse cursor - until a modifier key was pressed, or Zooom was restarted. This bug made it look like Zooom had simply stopped.

  • Added logging options, accessible via the Registration panel - more info as to how to use this is available in the online documentation.

Version 1.4 - New auto-raise, move/resize features + bugfixes

Note: version 1.4 contains a new license code because of a price change. Existing license holders should already have received their replacement license codes (free of charge).

Release 1.4 brings the following new features:
  • It's possible to set up auto-raise so that it kicks-in only when a modifier key (e.g left shift) is also held down
  • You can now choose whether or not you have to hold the left-mouse button down for a move/resize to take place
Changes to existing features:
  • The open-panel of the Ignore List now resolves aliases
  • Fix minor compatibility issues with Adobe Photoshop CS 2 and PopChar 3.1

Also - I believe I've fixed a very vexing problem. In the last few versions I've noticed that the load on the machine can adversely affect the location of the mouse on-screen - regardless of whether or not the modifier keys were being held down or not. This problem would manifest itself as a 'jittery' mouse.

Version 1.4 contains a much 'smarter' event sampling routine that should eliminate this bug entirely.

Version 1.3.1 - Bugfix - prefs panel and performance

Release 1.3.1 delivers two important fixes :
  • The Ignore-List tab in the preferences pane would sometimes not load properly

  • Critical performance fix: drag events (anything while left or right mouse button was held down) we're being discarded prematurely - just try any graphics heavy drag operation anywhere to experience the mouse-jitter that this caused. Fixed now!

Happy Zooomin!

Version 1.3 - Breakthrough!

Release 1.3 is a breakthrough - because now Zooom can do something that none of the other move/resize utilities can do. As of this release, it's now possible to manipulate the following applications:
Microsoft Word 2004
Microsoft Excel 2004
Microsoft MSN Messenger 2004
Microsoft Entourage 2004
Microsoft PowerPoint 2004
Please note - Microsoft v.X is not supported by Zooom.
Other additions in this release include:
  • You can now put an application into the Ignore-List, and then re-enable only specific functions for Zooom, e.g. Ignore Word, but enable everything except click-zooom. This has been used to good effect for example with Default Folder X.

  • If the Ignore-List does not allow any actions for an application, the event-filtering is extra-fast, this is useful for games, e.g. World of Warcraft.

  • The 'Visuals' now include a little red cross, which is only shown when 'Show active command next to mouse cursor' is checked. The cross indicates that the particular function is being Ignored for the current application.

  • Removed the 'Sparkle' framework for the moment - until I get it functional with .pkgs.

  • Fixed a bug with the Ignore-List, which sometimes resulted in new items in the Ignore-List being lost.

Version 1.2 - Auto raise, iLife, fixes

This release brings a few additional features to Zooom, and fixes quite a few bugs - including increasing Zooom's efficiency. If you've ever experienced a total keyboard lock-up while using Zooom - please update because I think I've nailed that problem in this release!

Release 1.2 New Featues

- Interactive tutorial on installation - now you can find out how the application works very quickly and easily
- Added the Auto-Raise feature - effective for a single window, or all windows of an application
- Added small transparent window showing current command (can be switched on/off)
- Added integration into iTunes, iPhoto, iDVD and RealPlayer (other resize utils can't do this!)

Bug Fixes
- Greatly improved performance of event filtering, the 'Ignore List' now uses a much better optimized method to ignore events
- Fixed the cause of keyboard lock-up's, that sometimes occurred when an authorization window came to the front.
- Removed extraneous debug messages in the logs
- Installer enforces the 10.4+ check properly now
- Holding the CAPS LOCK key no longer causes the modifier key detection to fail
- It's no longer possible to enter the same program more than once in the Ignore List
- The Ignore List can now handle Carbon and Cocoa applications

Version 1.1 - Zooom, modifier keys, ignore applications, minor fixes.

This release includes the following fixes/additions:
- modifier keys can be specified by the user using the preferences panel
- rewrite of routines that find UI elements when the mouse is clicked, making the detection more reliable
- fixed an issue when starting a drag or resize operation over certain areas of AddressBook
- the Forums are now accessible via the status-bar menu
- resize operation is now more efficient

This release really brings the usability of Zooom forward, if you have questions or issues, don't hesitate to throw a question on to the forums - and I'll get back to you with an answer!

Go get it in the Download section of the Zooom website, go on, now!

Version 1.01 - Minor fixes

This release fixes a part of the configuration code that was incorrectly set up - and the text describing shortcut keys in the preferences pane was misleading (thanks to Mike F for pointing that out).

Go get it in the Download section of the Zooom website, go on, now!

Version 1.0 - Released into the Wild

Version 1.0 is finally released - no change history of course, since it doesn't have any (unless you want to read my development journal? yeah, thought not).

Go get it in the Download section of the Zooom website, go on, now!