Advanced/Beta Options

As of version 1.5.3, some options are available to control the inner workings of Zooom/2. These options can be changed by using the process outlined below, but be forewarned - this requires knowledge and competency with the Terminal and some command line tools.

If you modify the Zooom/2 preferences in such a way that Zooom/2 breaks, please use your backup of the Zooom2Settings preferences file before asking for any support. You did make a backup didn't you?

All of the following commands assume that you have opened up a new Terminal session, and that the current directory is your user home directory (which it is by default).

Making a backup of your preferences
  1. Stop Zooom/2 (use the Quit command)
  2. Copy the com.coderage.Zooom2Settings.plist preferences file to a safe location, e.g. your home directory:

    cp ~/Library/Preferences/com.coderage.Zooom2Settings.plist ~

The Options

Important: when you make changes using the 'defaults' commands below - you must stop the Zooom/2 application before you make any of the changes, otherwise your preferences modifications may not have any effect - this is because Zooom/2 re-writes the entire preferences file, and if it continues to run you will lose the modifications you make via the 'defaults' command.

Key Namequadrant_resize
Default ValueNO
Setting this to true will enable some very beta code that provides four-corner quadrant resize.

Please note:
As of version 2.0, this setting is part of the main GUI and does not need to be modified using this cryptic defaults command.

It's beta only in the sense that the resulting resize and movement of windows is visually less than perfect (try it, you'll see what I mean - and then understand why I didn't release this as a real function).

For example, resizing a window using the top left corner/quadrant requires that the window be resized and moved, however - these two operations do not occur as one atomic window server update - thus the resize using this quadrant will not appear to be smooth.


defaults write com.coderage.Zooom2Settings quadrant_resize -bool YES

Key Namesample-rate-at-mouse
Default Value0.1
Specifies the number of seconds that Zooom2 waits before checking the current application under the mouse (this is an efficient operation).

Warning: don't set this value too high - a range between 0.1 and 1 second is recommended. Zooom/2s responsiveness to changes to the current application will become noticeably slower if you make this value too large.


defaults write com.coderage.Zooom2Settings sample-rate-at-mouse -float 0.1